Our Medical Providers

Superior care is the cornerstone at KHMC, realized through the provision of ultimate comfort and advanced medical precision throughout our patient’s stay amongst us. It is our commitment to exert steadfast efforts specifically directed towards ensuring distinguished medical care and personalized attention tailored towards each patient’s needs. Our hospital is highly equipped and internationally qualified to provide comprehensive healthcare services and specialized medical treatment, accommodated in our expanding state-of-the-art modernized Center and safeguarded by the expert medical team and staff.


Since the establishment of Arab Medical Center “AMC” in 1994, the Arab Medical Center has positioned itself among the top medical destinations and one of the leading referral hospitals for local, regional, and international patients. AMC differentiates it’s self by a modern state of the art medical complex located in the heart of the capital, Amman. AMC’s patients are accommodated by highly qualified and experienced physicians and staff. We pride ourselves with upholding the patient’s health as our first priority and that patient’s excellent experience presides over every medical decision and procedure. The center has achieved a distinguished level of medical services and renowned upscale hospitality services. The convenient location of the hospital at the Fifth Circle in Jabal Amman, makes for easy accessibility to both local and expatriate patients. AMC is in close proximity to many of the iconic places in Amman such as the Prime Ministry; various embassies; Royal Jordanian Airline Headquarters; the Abdali project; and the top international hotels including the Four Seasons, Sheraton, Fairmont, St. Regis, and the Bristol. Consisting of 150 beds, the Arab Medical Center provides a full range of medical and surgical services covering all specialties. The Emergency Department has dedicated rooms for pediatric cases and those with communicable diseases. The department treats an average of 200 patients per day.  Physicians are on call covering all sub-specialties 24/7. Major surgical services that are performed at AMC include: neurosurgery; orthopedic surgery; endoscopy; ophthalmology; cardiovascular; and general surgery. The Surgical Department consists of 8 theaters and is supported by 12 Intensive Care Unit beds and 8 Coronary Care Unit beds. There are two fully equipped cardiac catheterization labs as part of the facility. The Endoscopy Unit has three rooms to fulfill the needs of patients undergoing diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. Physicians refer their patients to the Arab Medical Center to take advantage of the ultramodern facilities and advanced diagnostic and interventional medical imaging equipment available in the Radiology and Imaging Department. There are many clinics affiliated within the surrounding geographical area offering numerous medical specialties and services. Some of the clinics affiliated with AMC include: cardiovascular; brain and nerve disorders; cancer and blood disorders; bone and joint diseases; obesity and diabetes; and eye diseases. All departments and units work diligently to offer compassionate and quality care for every patient, every time, delivering sustainable services and improving quality of care and improved patient health. Arab Medical Center is governed by seven Board of Directors who are highly committed and with various educational backgrounds and experiences.


Glosanté Healthcare LLC is an international company that has a multinational integrated network of medical healthcare facilities that works towards improving health and provides protection against global disease threats to various individuals and groups. Glosanté Jordan is a specialized medical healthcare facility provides its services in a comprehensive outpatient setup. Nevertheless, the center includes a state-of-art fully automated laboratory and diagnostic imaging units that are designed and equipped with the latest safety measurements Glosanté Jordan provides various healthcare programs like general healthcare check-ups, Women wellness programs, men wellness programs, children health packages, corporate wellness programs, and health management services. They also provide national and international vaccination programs.


Istishari Hospital is a leading hospital and a trendsetter in the Jordanian healthcare sector due to its focus and quality and excellence. Employees, patients, and families will experience the uniqueness of our hospital as soon as they enter through the door. a leader in innovation, comprehensive, and state of the art medical care in Jordan. We are committed to improving the health of our communities by delivering the best healthcare possible in a compassionate environment through education, research, and a dedication to our mission of patient based care. Al Istishari Hospital vision is to impact medical care through a culture that encompasses the whole patient experience guided by a pledge of superior quality, ongoing growth, and continuous self improvement to make a difference in patient care.

Bearing the name of His Majesty the late King Hussein of Jordan, the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) was established in 2001, to provide the most advanced cancer care to every Jordanian and every Arab. Following 16 remarkable years, KHCC shines as the only stand-alone, comprehensive, internationally accredited cancer center in the Middle East. Treating approximately 4,000 new cancer cases each year, KHCC has become a lifeline for thousands of cancer patients seeking cancer-care from across the Kingdom and the region. As global and regional cancer rates continue to rise, the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center embarked on a major expansion project in an effort to ensure that no one will be denied treatment due to lack of space. These newly-constructed facilities will more than double KHCC’s existing capacity while introducing the most advanced and much-needed technology in oncology treatment. The Center Rooms: Double Bed (Double occupancy Bed Room) Single Bed (Single occupancy Bed Room) Palliative (Single occupancy Bed Room in the palliative Floor) Iodine (Single occupancy isolated Bed Room in the Fourth Floor) Isolation (Single occupancy Bed Room) Royal Suite (Single occupancy suit in 5th floor/ Nizar Naqeeb Building) VIP Suite (Single occupancy suit in 5th floor/ Nizar Naqeeb Building) VIP Room (Single occupancy bedroom in 5th floor- Nizar Naqeeb Building & 8th Floor King Salman Building) ICU Pediatric (Single occupancy Bed Room in the 5th Floor / King Salman Building) ICU Adult (Single occupancy Bed Room in the 2nd Floor/ Nizar Naqeeb Building) Intermediate Care Unit (Single occupancy Bed Room in the 5th Floor / Nizar Naqeeb Building) BMT (Single occupancy Bed Room in the 4th Floor / Nizar Naqeeb Building)


The Specialty Hospital is a leading private teaching hospital, located in Amman Jordan, its distinguished location makes it accessible to patients from Jordan and abroad. The hospital was officially inaugurated in 1993, with 88 bed capacity, and as a result of the increased demand and good reputation the hospital acquired through its journey, its capacity was increased to 265 beds, with around 1000 qualified employees and serves 750 consultants they are highly qualified and dedicated to provide quality care to Jordanian and international patients. The hospital have 5 ambulance cars to ensure the safe and quick transfer of the urgent cases in addition to the helipad for air ambulance service. The Specialty Hospital is well known in the region as medical tourism destination, and during the past 24 years the hospital served more than 5 million patients from them: 500,000 in-patient admissions, more than 1,000,000 ER visits and 189,000 operations for patients from 83 nationalities. It is fully equipped to provide full range of in-patient and out-patient diagnostic, therapeutic medical and surgical procedures. The Specialty Hospital administration is keen to introduce the latest technology; it was the first to provide Hyper-Baric Oxygen therapy, CT 64 slices Angiography and MRI 3 Tesla. And recently the radiology department expanded to have the first CT 512 slices in Jordan in addition to the first silent MRI. Our operation theatres are considered the most modern in the region using state of art technology of air filtering and aseptic techniques to minimize hospital acquired infection. The Specialty Hospital surgeons managed to achieve very high success rate in off pump cardiac surgeries, pediatric cardiac surgeries and organ transplant especially kidney transplant with success rate of 97% in addition to cochlear transplant, arthroplasty, knee replacement, dental surgeries and other sophisticated procedures. We are the first and the only Jordanian hospital members in The American Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS). The Specialty Hospital is a well-recognized teaching institute for twelve physicians\' specialization programs approved by the Jordanian Medical Council, Arab Medical Council, and the Royal college of OBS/GYN. Additionally The Specialty Hospital knee center has become an approved teaching center by International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS). Furthermore our Specialty Training Center (STC) is a recognized training center by the American Heart Association (AHA). Believing in the importance of the quality of services provided for both local and international patients;The Specialty Hospital became one of the most awarded and accredited hospitals internationally. It is accredited by The Joint Commission International (JCIA) for four times, and accredited four times by the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC). And recently it became the first in the Middle East to be recognized by the Joint Commission International as a center of Excellence for Cardiac diseases specifically in Acute Myocardial Infraction and Acute Heart Failure. Specialty Hospital is the first and only hospital in Jordan to achieve the Medical Tourism Certification from MTQUA and was ranked from the top 10 hospitals in medical tourism worldwide. Also the Specialty Hospital is first and only hospital to achieve King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for two consecutive cycles. In 2012 the hospital was awarded by Arabia500 for being from the top 500 companies in the growth rate in the past 3 years in the region. The hospital commitment to social responsibility to serve the local and the neighboring community was crowned by receiving CSR Arabia Award. In addition to; MECCAward, Prince Faisal Award, ISO 9001, Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS 18001, Environmental Safety ISO14001, Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP for food safety, and quality management system for medical laboratories ISO 15189. In addition to all of that the Specialty Hospital was recognized from the Arab Hospitals Federation as The Best Hospital In The Arab World In Patient Centered Care. The Specialty Hospital established an international office for foreign patients which aim to facilitate non-Jordanian patients\' treatment. The international office connects the patients with the needed specialist prior to the patient\'s travel in which the specialist will give an initial diagnosis and the needed treatment plan with the length of stay. This office assists the patients with visa issuing if needed, transportation, accommodation, flight reservation and a tour in Jordan upon the patients and the companions request. The staff at the international office follows up with the patient from his/her home country to the airport, admission, treatment and until the patient is discharged. Also follow after they are back home. Our patient satisfaction department interview patients, follow up any complaints and analyze the patient satisfaction rates. They also call patients for follow up after discharge. Our satisfaction rates for Jordanians and non-Jordanians are high compared to other hospitals in the region.