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The Dead Sea Medical Center, It is one of the first treatment center of its kind in Jordan, the world-renowned Dead Sea Medical Centre is the only place in the region offering natural skin care treatments. Located at Dead Sea Spa Hotel, this facility draws upon the unique beauty and the natural healing elements of the Dead Sea, providing an ideal setting for therapeutic treatments ranging from anti-stress therapy, spa massages and mud packs to ultrasound therapy, galvanic therapy, microwave therapy, cryotherapy and hydrotherapy. In addition to private treatment rooms, the Medical Center features a saltwater swimming pool for the care of skin diseases and joint disorders and private male and female solariums with direct access to the Dead Sea. A natural phenomenon occurs at the Dead Sea: an additional layer caused by the high rate of evaporation in the atmosphere filters out the harmful rays of the sun creating a favourable UVA/UVB ratio. The Dead Sea has a unique content of oxygen in the air. The natural healing power of the Dead Sea found in our modern equipped treatment centre is utilized to treat skin diseases and joint disorders. The Dead Sea mud is rich in salts and minerals, like magnesium and silicon compounds, as the mud absorbs them from the water itself. It nourishes your skin and helps stimulate blood circulation. The director of the medical center, a dermatologist with rich experience in climatotherapy, oversees a staff of English- and German-speaking medical professionals.The Dead Sea Medical Center is open 7 days per week.


Dental Solutions Center was established in early 2018. A comprehensive dental center serving all dental specialties. At Dental Solutions Center we have all specialties of dental care. This includes conservative dentistry, endodontics, surgery, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and periodontics. Our vision: We at Dental Solutions Center do not treat teeth, we treat HUMANS with teeth. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive strategy for treating each case. Therefore, we believe in team work to offer the best dental treatment possible. The patient must leave dental solutions center feeling happy, that is our goal.


Dentalounge is a multidisciplinary oral healthcare provider located at the heart of the capital city of Amman in the beautiful Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. Here at Dentalounge the goal has been set clear from the startup, optimum professional dental care to all of our patients through comprehensive, specialized, upgraded and evidence based clinical approach. The essence of this project came from a group of dentists of different specialties and a common vision; to no more compromise on patient oral health care due to any limitations and to eliminate such obstacles. After years of hard work Dentalounge is now a center of excellence delivering the best standard of oral and dental treatment in Jordan through a synchronized team of young specialists to thousands of patients from Jordan and the rest of the globe. We have trained our staff and do so daily to provide the best experience to our patients. Dentalounge aims at being targeted by patients as the place to go get your teeth treated yet feel like it was a day spent in the comfort of your own living room. Dr. Thamer Thib Specialist of Orthodontics (Dental Implants &Cosmetic dentistry) Dr. Mohammed Al-Jayousi Orthodontist Dr. Lina Kutishat Specialist of gum surgery Dr. Lina Tim Dental and Oral Surgery Dr. Dalia El-Deghelis Dental and Oral Surgery Dr. Farah Al-Khuraisheh Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry Dr. Mohammed Khalifa Conservative treatment Dr. Jamana Kassad Dental and Oral Surgery Dr. Ali Abu Naama Treatment Specialist


Specialized center in Gynecology and Infertility Diseases under the supervision of Dr. Jamil Shaaban in Jordan Hospital.


Glosanté Healthcare LLC is an international company that has a multinational integrated network of medical healthcare facilities that works towards improving health and provides protection against global disease threats to various individuals and groups. Glosanté Jordan is a specialized medical healthcare facility provides its services in a comprehensive outpatient setup. Nevertheless, the center includes a state-of-art fully automated laboratory and diagnostic imaging units that are designed and equipped with the latest safety measurements Glosanté Jordan provides various healthcare programs like general healthcare check-ups, Women wellness programs, men wellness programs, children health packages, corporate wellness programs, and health management services. They also provide national and international vaccination programs.


Nuclear Medicine Bone Density              PET/CT Scan The Department of Nuclear Medicine and Osteoporosis conducts various nuclear images using isotope, such as imaging of the bones, thyroid, heart, kidneys, lungs, full body scans, etc. Patients are given therapeutic doses to the thyroid gland using the radioactive iodine (131) inside the section, where the dose does not exceed 30 mCi (30 mCi). If the patient needs a larger dose, it is given in the isolation chamber. The Center also conducts a full positronic photography (PET/CT scan)


Shami Eye Center was established in 2008, the center is a leader in Ophthalmology and eye healthcare in Jordan, it boasts a crew of proficient and experienced ophthalmologists and optometrists providing state of the art medical and surgical eye care services. Clinics are run by the best 16 ophthalmologists in the Kingdom, optometrists and other healthcare professionals, administrative and support staff operating at 4 branches around the Kingdom.


Sorry, this entry is only available in Arabic. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.منذ أن قامت جلالة الملكة رانيا العبد الله المعظمة بافتتاح المركز ووحدة تصحيح عيوب الإبصار بالليزك ومركزنا يعمل على أن يوفر دائما خدمة طبية متميزة تليق بهذه الثقة الملكية السامية. يقع مركزنا في جبل عمان مجاورا لمستشفى فرح في وسط ضاحية متميزة بتقديم جميع الخدمات الطبية لشريحة كبيرة من سكان الأردن والدول العربية. ويعتبر المركز أول مركز يوفر وحدة متخصصة لعلاج عيوب الإبصار بالليزر والليزك خارج المستشفيات في الأردن، كما يعتبر من أوائل المراكز في منطقة الشرق الأوسط التي تهتم بتوفير التخصصات الفرعية المختلفة في طب وجراحة العيون حيث يوفر للمرضى عيادات متخصصة في أمراض وجراحة القرنية وأخرى متخصصة في أمراض الشبكية والسائل الزجاجي. كما توجد عيادات متخصصة في عيون الأطفال والحول وأخرى متخصصة في جراحة العين التجميلية. ان التطور الهائل الذي حدث في التقنيات العلاجية خلال الخمس سنوات الماضية جعلنا حريصين على أن نوفر في مركزنا أحدث الوسائل التشخيصية والعلاجية، لذا يوجد في المركز وحدات تشخيصية متقدمة في مجال تصوير وتشخيص أمراض العيون المختلفة مثل وحدة التصوير الطوبوغرافي للقرنية ووحدة تصوير العين بالأمواج فوق الصوتية ووحدة فحص الساحة البصرية بالكومبيوتر ووحدة تصوير العين المجهري بالفيديو ووحدة قياس عيوب الإبصار بالكومبيوتر. كما يحتوي المركز على وحدة لنشر  التوعية الصحية في مجال علاج أمراض العيون والوقاية منها تشمل قاعة صغيرة للمحاضرات تحتوي على نشرات وأشرطة فيديو تثقيفية متاحة لمراجعي المركز من المرضى المهتمين بالحصول على معلومات عن حالتهم، كما نوفر للمرضى موقعا تثقيفيا خاصا بالمركز على شبكة الإنترنت باللغتين العربية والإنكليزية <a href=\"http://www.sharifeyecenter.com\">www.sharifeyecenter.com</a> ويستطيع المريض الذي يزور هذا الموقع أن يجد إجابة على جميع استفساراته عن أمراض العيون وعلاجها، كما يستطيع أن يرسل أية أسئلة عن حالته الخاصة ويتلقى إجابة كاملة ومجانية من الاستشاريين العاملين في المركز. وقد كان هذا الموقع هو الأول من نوعه في الأردن، وقد زادنا فخرا أن عدد زوار موقعنا على الشبكة قد زاد عن عشرين ألف زائرٍ مختلف دول العالم.