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Abdali Hospital is a 200-bed multispeciality hospital with the mission to provide best practice patient-centered care and to promote healthcare research and education in MENA. It started operations in the summer of 2019, including diagnosis departments, outpatient clinics, and hospital services across most specialties. For more information consult please visit www.abdalihospital.com.


Al Hussin Hospital is the oldest and is considered the main hospital in King Hussein Medical Center, and it bore its name before the opening of its various centers. Work began on its construction in 1967 and was officially inaugurated in 1973 by His Majesty the late Hussein bin Talal, may God rest his soul.


Superior care is the cornerstone at KHMC, realized through the provision of ultimate comfort and advanced medical precision throughout our patient’s stay amongst us. It is our commitment to exert steadfast efforts specifically directed towards ensuring distinguished medical care and personalized attention tailored towards each patient’s needs. Our hospital is highly equipped and internationally qualified to provide comprehensive healthcare services and specialized medical treatment, accommodated in our expanding state-of-the-art modernized Center and safeguarded by the expert medical team and staff.


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Al - Essra Hospital, has strategic location positioned opposite to the Jordan University in the center of Amman, More than one million of Jordanian patients and half million Arab patients have been treated in Al - Essra hospital  Al - Essra Hospital prides itself in providing first-rate medical and clinical services accommodating the different needs of patients. The hospital has a capacity of 200 beds and has a team that brings together some of the most experienced and Well - trained qualified and Competent doctors and nurses. Al - Essra hospital provides distinctive medical care services and a high level of clinical care , . It is equipped with the latest medical and technical equipment that can be found in any reputable hospital in the developed parts of the world. The ER department in the hospital translates its efforts to live up to its mission. Equipped with the latest medical equipment and modern ambulances that operate around the clock Al-Essra hospital has seven operating rooms equipped with all the technology and equipment necessary for conducting minor and major surgeries at the hands of qualified and skilled specialized surgeons. Other vital departments in the hospital are ICU, NICU, gynecology and obstetrics &pediatric floor, As for the department of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology, it is equipped with the latest cutting- edge MRI and CT Scans and ultrasound technology.  a laboratory, equipped with the technical equipment and technology. A cardiac catheterization and arteries unit as well as the cardiac surgical interventions section operate at a high level of commitment. The respiratory, physical, and rehabilitation departments as well as the endoscopy and dialysis units are from the other distinguished departments in the hospital. As for the fertility treatment center. Moreover, the hospital has a sterilization and infection control department, health nutrition, pharmacy, and clinical pharmacy services that offer distinctive services to patients and supervise their medications. Al-Essra hospital has been accredited for 3 times by JCIA Certificate, the mammography unit has also received the HCAC accreditation certificate. The hospital is the first hospital in Jordan to receive ISO 22000 for its safe food services provided to patients and visitors. Al-Essra Medical Complex is another medical landmark that includes 56 external clinics covering all medical specialties .offering excellent services at competitive prices to ensure the satisfaction of all its patients from around the Arab world. The Complex has a number of medical centers, For example, oncology center, dental center, centers for prostheses, dermatology, and laser treatment center, advanced training & educational center. Equipped with all required technology and equipment to host scientific conferences and seminars. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation center, which is accredited by the American Heart Association (AHA).


Since the establishment of Arab Medical Center “AMC” in 1994, the Arab Medical Center has positioned itself among the top medical destinations and one of the leading referral hospitals for local, regional, and international patients. AMC differentiates it’s self by a modern state of the art medical complex located in the heart of the capital, Amman. AMC’s patients are accommodated by highly qualified and experienced physicians and staff. We pride ourselves with upholding the patient’s health as our first priority and that patient’s excellent experience presides over every medical decision and procedure. The center has achieved a distinguished level of medical services and renowned upscale hospitality services. The convenient location of the hospital at the Fifth Circle in Jabal Amman, makes for easy accessibility to both local and expatriate patients. AMC is in close proximity to many of the iconic places in Amman such as the Prime Ministry; various embassies; Royal Jordanian Airline Headquarters; the Abdali project; and the top international hotels including the Four Seasons, Sheraton, Fairmont, St. Regis, and the Bristol. Consisting of 150 beds, the Arab Medical Center provides a full range of medical and surgical services covering all specialties. The Emergency Department has dedicated rooms for pediatric cases and those with communicable diseases. The department treats an average of 200 patients per day.  Physicians are on call covering all sub-specialties 24/7. Major surgical services that are performed at AMC include: neurosurgery; orthopedic surgery; endoscopy; ophthalmology; cardiovascular; and general surgery. The Surgical Department consists of 8 theaters and is supported by 12 Intensive Care Unit beds and 8 Coronary Care Unit beds. There are two fully equipped cardiac catheterization labs as part of the facility. The Endoscopy Unit has three rooms to fulfill the needs of patients undergoing diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. Physicians refer their patients to the Arab Medical Center to take advantage of the ultramodern facilities and advanced diagnostic and interventional medical imaging equipment available in the Radiology and Imaging Department. There are many clinics affiliated within the surrounding geographical area offering numerous medical specialties and services. Some of the clinics affiliated with AMC include: cardiovascular; brain and nerve disorders; cancer and blood disorders; bone and joint diseases; obesity and diabetes; and eye diseases. All departments and units work diligently to offer compassionate and quality care for every patient, every time, delivering sustainable services and improving quality of care and improved patient health. Arab Medical Center is governed by seven Board of Directors who are highly committed and with various educational backgrounds and experiences.


  Touching lives since 1977 Farah Medical Campus (FMC) is an integrated healthcare ecosystem designed for the journey of holistic care and healing. Located in the heart of Amman’s iconic medical district, and we open our door to Jordan, the region and the world as an integrated medical institution, determined to set new standards in healthcare and contribute to the well-being and quality of life of an ever-growing community. We envision our campus as being an oasis that heals the mind, body, and soul. We follow a patient-centered approach where we learn all we can about each patient, their medical history, lifestyle and family, in order to provide personalized care, while keeping their families comfortable and involved throughout their treatment journey. Healing a patient is healing a family. We believe holistic care revolves around evidence-based practices, advanced technology, clear communication and human emotions. At FMC, healthcare and medical treatment is a holistic journey to wellness. We recognize that this is a journey in which we accompany our patients every step of the way on the road to recovery. Our evidence-based practice and safety-aligned policies & procedures set a new standard of clinical care. Our responsibility to our growing community is a promise of innovation, excellence and continuous learning.


Gardens Hospital is a Medical edifice seeks to serve you with the latest technology, medical equipment, and its highly qualified medical staff in a comfort and tranquility high class atmosphere The intensive care department at Gardens Hospital is specially equipped with the highest medical and technical units that provide highly specialized care to patients who suffer from a serious injury or illness. The Department seeks to cure critically ill patients and to provide optimal patient care through the highest technologies in separated units to provide every patient with the necessary care, privacy and comfort. We, Gardens hospital, as one of the modern private Hospitals in Jordan; committed to provide excellent medical and hospitality services for our customers with highest standards and safety measures continuously build culture of patient safety and comfort and improve our performance in the healthcare sector within the region. We strive to be a firm supporter of continuous staff education and training, also we are committed to achieve optimal use of latest technology applications.


Istiklal  Hospital The medical facility, which was inaugurated under the patronage of the Samia Kingdom on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 2001/05/25 with a capacity of 200 beds, was built in a beautiful architectural style on Istiklal Street in the heart of the capital Amman. And nursing and administrative includes all qualified disciplines and expertise and competencies of medical and advanced technology have contributed to attract medical tourism, coupled with high-end hotel services equipped with the latest advanced equipment and computing. Istiklal Hospital has received the local accreditation from the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) accredited by ISQua. In addition to the award of excellence in occupational safety and health from the Social Security Corporation for more than one session. The hospital was approved by the Medical Council as a supporting educational institution. The residency program for doctors began on 7/2018 through a distinguished team of Jordanian specialists accredited in all medical specialties. Send feedback History Saved Community


Istishari Hospital is a leading hospital and a trendsetter in the Jordanian healthcare sector due to its focus and quality and excellence. Employees, patients, and families will experience the uniqueness of our hospital as soon as they enter through the door. a leader in innovation, comprehensive, and state of the art medical care in Jordan. We are committed to improving the health of our communities by delivering the best healthcare possible in a compassionate environment through education, research, and a dedication to our mission of patient based care. Al Istishari Hospital vision is to impact medical care through a culture that encompasses the whole patient experience guided by a pledge of superior quality, ongoing growth, and continuous self improvement to make a difference in patient care.