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Located in Munich, Germany, CBC Health is providing innovative cord blood infusions for individuals across the globe who have had an ischemic stroke or suffer from other neurological diseases. Currently, we may be the only clinic providing this treatment. Other institutions and universities are conducting clinical trials on the topic. We have 20 years’ experience with cord blood banking, storing around 200.000 CBUs (Cord Blood Units).

For more than twenty years, our founding company, Cord Blood Center Group has recorded many firsts in regenerative health. In 1997, Cord Blood Center was among the first in Europe to process and prepare cord blood for regenerative transplants. Cord Blood Center was one of the first companies in Europe to collect, process, and store cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue with over 160,000 clients. These individuals may benefit from the regenerative effect of their cord blood in the future. Eurocord-Slovakia, a Cord Blood Center company, was among the first in Europe to establish a registry and repository for storing personal cord blood and a repository for donated cord blood which can be used for regenerative treatments for the general population.

In 2018, CBC Health began the process to open a new medical facility in Munich, Germany, known as CBC Health Med Munich, which focusses on providing cord blood treatments for patients suffering from Ischemic Stroke and other neurological diseases.

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