Healthcare System in Jordan

The healthcare system in Jordan has evolved over the years to become one of the best healthcare systems in the Middle East. Healthcare is available to everyone, including foreigners residing in the country and those coming from abroad for treatment in Jordan.

One of the main features of healthcare services in Jordan is their competitive cost and high quality of medical services provided, making Jordan the leader in medical tourism and healthcare in the Middle East and North Africa.

In the 1950s, the Jordanian government began investing in the infrastructure of healthcare by establishing hospitals and health centers throughout Jordan, as well as developing many basic and advanced medical services.

At present, the healthcare system in Jordan has many advantages, in addition to advanced medical services such as surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, CT scans and MRI. There are also specialized healthcare centers for women, children, and patients who require special care. MedXJordan facilitates your access to the appropriate medical provider for you, offering comprehensive medical trip planning services including medical visa issuance, travel tickets, transportation, warehousing, and wellness trips.

The healthcare system in Jordan has a good reputation and is considered an advanced system in the region, with statistics indicating that the Jordanian government invests heavily in healthcare, spending about 8.5% of the country’s gross domestic product on health.

The healthcare system is highly capable of meeting all the needs of patients, with over 33,000 registered doctors in the Jordanian healthcare system, and 117 hospitals providing services to both Jordanian and international patients. 69 of these hospitals are private, 31 are government-run, 15 are military hospitals, and 2 are university hospitals. These hospitals offer various medical specialties to patients, including heart diseases, neurology, orthopedic surgery, pediatric medicine, cancer treatment, infertility treatment, ophthalmology, cosmetic surgery, and other medical specialties.