What are the fees of using MedXJordan?

Benefiting from MedXJordan services is totally free for the patient.

How can I benefit from MedXJordan Services?

You only need to register on the website or mobile applications by signing up, and you will be able to plan your entire trip to Jordan through MedXJordan, as you can book a flight, accommodation, and rent a car, all in one place.

How can I register on MedXJordan?

By clicking the sign-up button that you can find in the top section of the website home page, or at the bottom of the first screen on the application, selecting the type of the user, and filling the needed information. Please note that the password must be 8 characters, and must contain a special character like (! @ # $ ?) and a number.

How can I get an appointment with a doctor?

When signed in, you can search for the most suitable doctor for your case using our smart search that you can see on the home page, and on the left side of the screen on the doctor profile, you can find a calendar where you can choose the day of your visit according to the available appointments that the doctor has on that day. You can attach documents regarding your case in the same page to show to the doctor before attending the appointment.

Can I get a consultation online from the doctor before arranging an appointment?

By following the same steps above of signing in and choosing the most suitable doctor, in the contact me box on the doctor profile, you can write your inquiry and attach documents, and choosing if all your medical information on your profile can be viewed by the doctor or not, and the doctor will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

How much is the visit/online consultation fees of the doctor?

On each doctor’s profile, at the bottom of the information bar on the left, you can see the fees that the doctor requires for a patient’s visit/online consultation. Please keep in mind that these fees are for the doctor only, MedXJordan services are free for patients.

My experience with a medical provider was good/bad, how can I rate them?

After booking an appointment with a Medical Provider, and attending the appointment, you can sign in to your account and go to the medical provider’s profile through your Account, “My Medical Providers”, and scroll to the bottom of their profile page and fill in the rating information.

How can I book a flight/car/accommodation through MedXJordan?

By signing in and going to your account, choose “Plan My Trip” that is located on the left of the page, you will be able to plan your trip from flight, accommodation, and transportation in one window.

What’s the difference between “Trip Plan Request” and “Rental Properties”?

Trip Plan Request allows you to get all your trip details taken care of, from ticketing, hotel booking (excluding hotel apartments), and rent a car, while Rental Properties helps you rent a hotel apartment.

My Medical provider told me that my test results/prescriptions are on the portal, where can I find them?

By going to your account, you can see all the referred orders from the medical providers from the list located on the left side of the window.