MedXJordan Participated in Global Health Exhibition 2023, KSA


MedXJordan participated in the Global Health Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Sponsored by the Ministry of Health – KSA, and supported by Health Sector Transformation Program, this event hosted over 40,000 enthusiastic visitors and featured an impressive showcase of 300 exhibitors from over 50 countries.

This significant exhibition brought together all the healthcare expertise and professionals in the industry, under the slogan “Invest in Health”, by connecting the lines between industry expertise and technology to empower innovation for a sustainable future.

During the exhibition, speakers delved into crucial topics such as healthcare sector transformation: turning vision into reality, real-world use cases of AI in healthcare, sustainable healthcare in action, healthcare innovation ecosystem, a hub for enhancing value in healthcare, and quality improvement in mental health.

MedXJordan is the biggest e-portal for medical and wellness tourism in Jordan, connecting patients with their medical providers through technology. At our medical platform, patients from the Middle East and worldwide can get an online consultation with the doctor, plan their medical trip to Jordan, book further appointments, needed medical procedures and accommodation. At MedXJordan we strongly believe in the ability to improve and develop the health sector in Jordan through technology for a better future.

4 monthsago