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Remedys Pharmacy & Health Shop

Where natural wellness unites with prescriptions & drugs!

Optimizing health throughout modern and alternative medicine in a new one of a kind Health Shop + Pharmacy.

Your Health
As part of our mission to personalize patient care we are applying clinical pharmacy services where a care plan that organizes the health status of a patient is designed taking into account all the factors influencing the patient\’s therapy (e.g. nutrition, lifestyle modification, drug-drug interaction, adherence to doctor instructions and medication) in order to achieve patient\’s optimal health, In addition to continuous follow up with our patients to assure their improvement.Your Convenience
As Customized as it can be, we are ready to fulfill your various requests mainly throughout:
– Remedy\’s Worldwide service in association with Aramex®, where you can request selected pharmacy products from all around the world with our guidance and receive them in our pharmacy.
– If the most suitable therapy is not available; our customized In-house made remedies and compounded preparations can serve you according to your personal needs.
– Our unique and specialty products section, where you can find gluten free and organic food in addition to organic skin care products.Your Safety
Curious about alternative medicine, surely you can refer to us to help you find your answers regarding various types of alternative medicine like Homeopathy, herbal remedies, and supplements.Your Beloved Ones
As beautiful as maternity and baby care can be, as much as we provide from our space and time where you will not only find all your needs, you can also be able to share and discuss any concerns you have and find any information you need at our maternity care corner with our pharmacists, in addition to registering your expecting baby wish list on our electronic baby registry service.